New Model Predicts Human Health Risks From Over 80,000 Chemicals

'Approximately 80,000 industrial chemicals are in use and about 700 new chemicals are introduced to commerce each year in the United States, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. To assess human health risks from exposure to harmful substances, James Englehardt, professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Miami, is proposing a new technique that is more efficient than current methods.

previous report issued in 2008 by the Breast Cancer Fund, found that the upswing in breast cancer since World War II is linked to the growing number of synthetic chemicals in use as well as to increased radiation exposure.

The biggest killers, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases are largely man-made and iatrogenic in origin, yet we ignorantly dismiss their growing incidence to factors which we assume are not preventable.


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