Curing Cancer Pain with Nasal Spray? Dr. Emanuel Revici, Capsaicin, and Sinus Buster.

'Here’s a video interview I did with Kelley Eidem,
natural cancer survivor and author of
The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: The Story of Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD .
Dr. Revici lived to 102!

In the interview Kelley and I discuss:

-Dr Revici’s relatively unknown work and natural cancer treatment approach
-How to determine whether your body is in an anabolic or catabolic state
-What anabolic/catabolic means and how it relates to your specific anti-cancer diet
-What types of foods relieve cancer pain naturally (14:48)
-How Kelly used what he learned from Dr. Revici to heal his own cancer naturally. (19:31)
-Kelly’s simple “Anti-Cancer Sandwich” featuring two very powerful cancer-fighting ingredients: Garlic and Habanero peppers.

At 34:38 we discuss the strange and remarkable pain relief some cancer patients are getting from an all natural homeopathic nasal spray called Sinus Buster.'


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